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Aluminum - For years, architects and builders have specified aluminum windows for their overall strength, lasting value, and ability to be configured into large combinations for maximizing views.  Milgard’s unique aluminum windows are found in projects ranging from entry-level homes and multifamily projects to high-end custom homes and light commercial applications.

  • Sealed, mechanically-joined corners stay square and true over years of use - keeping your home dry year-round.
  • Clean, narrow sight lines with the strength and stability only aluminum can provide.
  • Milgard ™SunCoat Low-E glass for superior energy savings and protection against fabric fading.
  • Milgard Positive Action Locking System™ for fingertip-easy opening and enhanced security.
  • Industry-leading Full Lifetime Guarantee.

Aluminum windows are an ideal choice for mild climates. and are especially popular in areas of the desert southwest.

Vinyl - Vinyl windows stand apart because of how they're made. Each additive to a vinyl recipe helps determine the long-term characteristics of the final product. We only offer a high quality window which is why all our vinyl windows are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Fiberglass - Our Fiberglass windows satisfy both the architectural purist and the realist. You get a carefree fiberglass exterior, plus the beauty of a wood interior. Our windows feature furniture-grade, clear, vertical-grain Douglas fir, without a nail hole or staple on them. What's more, since we use solid stainless steel screws throughout, there's nothing to corrode or rust.

You can stain our wood interiors clear or finish them to match existing woodwork in everything from a maple to a cherry appearance. For the exterior, you can order WoodClad fiberglass windows in five baked-on standard exterior colors. A wide selection of hardware and grid options is available.

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