The Professionals Who Service

Providing High-Quality Garage Door Repair & Installation

The Professionals Who Service

Providing High-Quality Garage Installation

Custom-Built Garage Installation Specialists

Curry Bros. is a family-owned business operating out of the San Fernando Valley and serving the greater Los Angeles and Ventura counties since 1966. As a third-generation company, our longevity and success are due to our commitment to a few simple principles:

  • Stay true to the customer by providing products that are superior in quality, safety, and value.

  • Listen to our customers’ needs and provide unique alternatives that reflect our 54 years of perspective and experience.

  • Recognize that our customers are often educated consumers who have a good idea of what they want. And, if we listen, we will get it right.

  • Understand that the ongoing success of our business is determined by customer satisfaction.

A Team of Dedicated Staff at Your Service

We take pride in the fact that our office staff is dedicated to good service, paying attention to every detail of the order process, and working within the customer’s schedule. Our installers and servicemen are specialists with multiple skills and talents. We employ real craftsmen who take pride in their work, as they add security and beauty to each home.

Our hope is that you will recognize our sincerity and commitment to good service and take the next step to contact us, so we may begin working together to enhance the beauty of your home.

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Our Commitment

Careful attention to detail, the highest quality products, and skilled craftsmen allow us to give the kind of service our customers deserve.

At Curry Bros., we value our customers, communication, and business. Our company stands behind what we sell, install, and repair. We offer a complete line of state-of-the-art products, accessories, and parts, which are all crafted to meet the unique architectural requirements of the Western United States.

Consistent in Delivering Quality Services

Our team is committed to quality and service, which are key to our ongoing success. Our company's primary objective has always been to be the most reliable and trustworthy home improvement professionals in the Los Angeles area.

Send Us Your Inquiries

Please feel free to email or call us with any questions you have. Our courteous staff can sometimes direct you on how to repair your own problem over the phone or by email. We never stop looking for new and innovative quality products that serve our customer's needs.